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Adlib on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer

Adlib on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer
Adlib on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer

Adlib were chosen as the sound supplier for the European & UK leg of the recent 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) “Rock Out with your Socks Out” tour. Adlib first ‘met’ the Australian punk/power rock band at the 2014 Summertime Ball event at Wembley Stadium in London where they were co-ordinating all things audio.


The band’s FOH engineer John Delf specified the L-Acoustics K1 system after hearing it used at the 2014 Summertime Ball. The 7 week arena tour traversed through Europe and the UK, culminating in three sold-out shows at Wembley Arena.


Adlib sent out one of their crews on this tour, with Tony Szabo (KSE) as system designer and engineer, being supported by Sam Proctor. Their usual configuration was main arrays of 14 x K1 speakers with four Kara downs, and side arrays containing 12 x K2 each.


These were complimented with a sub array comprising 9 x SB28s per side, built in stacks of three sitting on bespoke dollies for manoeuvrability and convenient placement beneath the rolling stage system. In and out fills were four ARC2 speakers, positioned on top of the middle sub stacks, with Karas for stage lip fill, and also for outfills on the outer sub stacks.


John Delf chose one of Adlib’s Soundcraft Vi3000 consoles to create the mix, utilizing the Soundcraft Realtime Rack for various additional UAD plug ins as inserts. The show was multi-track recorded every night via Dante out of the Vi3000.


One of Adlib’s standard Lake Control Systems were used which utilises fibre to run Dante to the various speakers zones, with the Lakes being used for EQ and time alignment. This Control System comprises of three Lake LM44s as a FOH matrix, sending Dante to two Lake LM 26s and a Focusrite RedNet D16R per side of stage distributing AES3 audio to all the L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers.


The scream-factor of the audience peaked nightly at a 120 dB. Onstage, Adlib’s Ben Booker had similar levels of audience noise to contend with, and the band all using IEMs helped in terms of ambient noise containment. A Digico SD10 was Ben Booker’s console of choice, used in conjunction with a 48-input Adlib line system. They use six channels of Sennheiser 2000 series IEMs, three on one frequency range and three in another. All the band, all the stage technicians and Ben Booker use Ultimate Ears UE11 moulds to insulate themselves from the screaming girls.


For vocals, the guys have four channels of Sennheiser EM3732 hand-held mics (with 5235 capsules). The EM3732 has a scanning function using Sennheiser’s WSM software which is useful as Ben Booker also takes care of all the frequency co-ordination and logistics wherever they are. Booker also uses RF Plot, an app that was coded by Adlib’s Sam Proctor.


The guitar amps are not mic’ed, instead they used Zoom G3, G5 and B3 processing all over the stage, adding six channels of wireless guitar that he also looks after and an assortment of  Sennheiser and Neumann mics are used for the drum kit.


(Photos: Shirlaine Forrest)


Adlib on tour with 5 Seconds of SummerAdlib on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer

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