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200 plus Robe lighting fixtures selected for PopRock Festival Slovenia

200 plus Robe lighting fixtures selected for PopRock Festival Slovenia
200 plus Robe lighting fixtures selected for PopRock Festival Slovenia

Lighting designer Crt Birsa and set designer Greta Godnic selected 200 plus Robe lighting fixtures for Slovenia’s 2017 PopRock Festival, a national TV live event broadcast from Ljubljana, staged at the Gospodarsko Razstavisce exhibition centre for the first time.


The PopRock Festival rig included Spiiders, BMFL Blades, Pointes, MMX WashBeams, Squares, LEDBeam 100s, Parfect 100s, CycFX 8s, LEDWash 600s and ColorSpot 1200E ATs. All were supplied by Slovenian rental company Event Lighting which now has a rental inventory of over 350 Robes.


The set crosses were lit with a combination of Robe Parfects and CycFX 8s. The lighting rig mirrored the shape of the black gloss stage floor, and the set was painted a medium grey shade, both to contrast with the floor and to respond when illuminated in any colour. Crt Birsa also did some accenting using strobe like effects around the set.


At the heart of the rig was a lighting ‘chandelier’, a square shaped truss loaded with a high concentration of lights - 16 x Spiiders, 8 x Pointes, 16 x LEDBeam 100s in a 4x4 matrix nucleus, and four Robe Square fixtures delineating each corner.


The main overhead trussing design comprised three diagonally flown squares of which the chandelier was the central one. Thirty-six Pointes were the core effects lights, with eight each loaded on to the three diamonds and the other twelve positioned around the front and to the sides of the stage.


Birsa and Godnic didn’t want a large LED screen upstage. Instead, they decided to light through a stretched gauze back-cloth as a rear visual feature, with a mix of Sunstrips and Robe LEDBeam 100s concealed behind.


Twelve BMFL Blades covered the centre and backlighting with a row along the upstage edge of the stage deck and two behind the set at the sides. Two more at the back of the hall were used as follow spots. Ten MMX WashBeams and 10 more Spiiders on the front and rear trusses were optimised to light the stage, set and orchestra. Twenty-two LEDWash 600s washed and coloured evenly down each side of the venue with another six on the outer two squares - a position to highlight the crosses and the venue’s prominent structural pillars and wash the ceiling.


The Parfect 100s - fitted with 10 and 20 degree diffusion filters - were fitted to the venue’s pillars and spread out over the floor, used for set dressing in conjunction with CycFX 8s. Six CycFX 8s under the stage at the front were used to give the illusion that the stage was floating, while other units assisted the Parfects in lighting the inner surfaces of the crosses and the venue’s structural RSJs.


Crt Birsa programmed and ran all the lighting on a ChamSys console using a mix of timecode and manual cuing. All of the most complicated sets - mainly the rock bands - he ran manually.


200 plus Robe lighting fixtures selected for PopRock Festival Slovenia200 plus Robe lighting fixtures selected for PopRock Festival Slovenia

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