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Celine Dion on tour with with Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures

Celine Dion on tour with with Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures

This summer’s Celine Dion “Live 2017” tour took the Canadian songstress on a 25-date tour of Europe in her first major tour for eight years. It visited stadiums and arenas in Denmark, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. The lighting design - put together by Dion’s LD of 28 years, Yves Aucoin - included 24 Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures.


“On a tour of this scale, with venues this large, I like to frame Celine so the audience can instantly see, in one look, exactly where she is on stage at all times,” says Aucoin. “Sometimes I do this with followspots or top light, but key to the ‘Live 2017’ tour was a series of MagicPanel-R fixtures, eight of which I arranged in a ‘V’ configuration on the floor upstage to form a frame around her. At times these appeared like a pyramid effect above her head.”


Aucoin placed another eight MagicPanel-R fixtures on the front truss facing the audience to project effects and colours out into the auditorium, and rigged further eight MagicPanel-R units under two LED side screens, to help blend the lighting with the video and open up the side lighting for the cameras.


(Photo: Yves Aucoin)

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