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Opeth on tour with Ayrton DreamPanel-Twins

Opeth on tour with Ayrton DreamPanel-Twins
Opeth on tour with Ayrton DreamPanel-Twins

Kicking off with twenty dates in America at the start of their world tour, Swedish band Opeth brought their show to Europe in November 2016, opting for a single show at Wembley Arena for their UK audience. Magnus Boyd has been lighting the band for the last eighteen months: “During the tour, we have done two special extended sets at Radio City and Belasco in LA before performing a third at Wembley Arena,” he says. “The final extended set was at the Sydney Opera House in February 2017.”


Boyd’s lighting and visual design featured 40 Ayrton DreamPanel-Twin fixtures rented from French company S-Group. The 40 units were rigged in four double columns as a backdrop to the band and form a focal point of the lighting set. “Almost every song in the set includes their use,” says Boyd.


“For the encore, all hell breaks loose with some abstract video, rotation and full use of the LED side of the DreamPanel-Twin. The content was created from a mix of video designers with artwork by Travis Smith animated by Scott Rudd, abstract artwork created by Pekka Stokke at LJOS AS, and some content created by myself with footage from Jonas Åkerlund.” High Wycombe based rental company Siyan Limited delivered Boyd’s Wembley and European lighting requirements.


(Photos: Tom Grant/Siyan Limited)

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