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Maestra Dubai supplies technical production to ‘Groove on The Grass’

Maestra Dubai supplies technical production to ‘Groove on The Grass’

Maestra Dubai supplied technical production - lighting, audio, video, staging, rigging, special FX and power distribution - to the 2016-17 series of ‘Groove on The Grass’ dance events. Now in its fifth edition, the five events for this season were produced by the Artists Network and staged at the Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, each enjoyed by around 5000 dance music fans.


Maestra’s crew had to be quick on both the in and the out for the ‘Groove’ events - a process that started a day in advance of the show with the erection of a 20 metre wide ground supported stage and decking system to which lighting, video, PA towers and a complete sound system were added. This was set up below a saddlespan tent structure from Wicked. This was completed in 24 hours, and lighting and video was programmed and ready to go for sound-checks the next day and then kick-off at sundown.


The lighting design was based on an overall generic event production design which could then be modified and adapted to suit any specials and specifics as required by headlining artists. The standard design incorporated 40 moving lights - a mix of Claypaky and Martin - plus 20 x Showtec Sunstrips, 24 x Atomic strobes and 12 x 4 and 8-lite blinders. All of these were run through a ChamSys MQ100 lighting console, operated by Geno Welburn.


For the third event, seven separate LED screen surfaces - all made up from Maestra’s 10 mm outdoor LED - were arranged in a semi-circle of columns upstage which was a break from the ‘traditional’ slab of LED at the back. The curvature also added an architectural aspect to the performance space.


The visual content was supplied by the artists and DJs and their VJs who hooked into the Maestra system via their own playback control or media servers, a method that enabled everyone to run their own bespoke content. When it came to specifying audio, an L-Acoustics Kara system, complete with SB28 subs, was installed in co-operation with Andy Jackson and his crew from Delta Sound. This was supplied together with a Yamaha LS9 console, plus all the various DJ kit specified on the individual artist riders.


For the second stage, which is a tented arena, lighting comprised 12 moving heads and a collection of DMX-controllable mock-neon LED tubes, which were installed as a kinetic light backdrop, along with a smaller Kara sound system. Maestra had about 30 crew on site including Delta engineers and locals.


Maestra Dubai supplies technical production to ‘Groove on The Grass’Maestra Dubai supplies technical production to ‘Groove on The Grass’

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