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Prljavo Kazalište on tour with Robe fixtures

Prljavo Kazalište on tour with Robe fixtures
Prljavo Kazalište on tour with Robe fixtures

Croatian rock band Prljavo Kazalište’s world tour kicked off with a show at the Spaladium Arena in Split, with lighting designed by Sven Kučinić of LumiLas LLC, who has worked for the band for the last six years. Kučinić specified Robe fixtures to light this show, where the challenge was on to create a scalable design to work for the whole of the upcoming tour which plays various sized venues and is scheduled to run for the rest of the year.


Kučinić chose Robe as the main moving light fixtures: 20 MMX Spots, 12 x MMX WashBeams and 16 Pointes. The main trussing was configured as a ‘W’ shape above a 100 square metre LED wall at the back with the MMXs all rigged on this and the Pointes positioned on the floor along a walkway behind the band.


The MMX Spots were the primary profile lights on the rig. The Pointes were the only pure effects lights of the show and this role defined the look and physical structure of the performance space. They became an integrated scenic element.


Kučinić programmed and operated the show on a GrandMA2 full size. The show’s video has original content created by Croatian multimedia artist Ivan Marušić Klif and his colleague Ana Hušman. Also integral to the production for the gig in Split were FOH sound engineer Daniel Biffel and Juraj Stipetić of LumiLas who co-ordinated all the laser effects in close consultation with Sven Kučinić. Equipment was supplied by Croatian rental company Eldra, project managed for them by Dario Katačić and Domagoj Pribanić.


(Photos: Juraj Stipetić/LumiLas LLC)


Prljavo Kazalište on tour with Robe fixturesPrljavo Kazalište on tour with Robe fixtures

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