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Yamaha supports Hamburg’s Stadtpark summer

Yamaha supports Hamburg’s Stadtpark summer

Since 1975, audiences have flocked to the Freilichtbühne open air stage in Hamburg's Stadtpark each summer. Cobra Sound Light has been the season’s technical production supplier since 1981. They use Yamaha digital mixers for each night’s programme.


The season runs from May to September and features performances from both national and international artists. “All the different artists requirements can mean a lot of changes to the equipment used for each show,” says Cobra Sound Light’s Trevor Wallace who has been using Yamaha consoles since he started in the business in 2005, both working for rental companies and as a touring engineer.


For the Stadtpark summer season, international artists usually bring their own engineers and consoles, or specify a console (usually a Yamaha CL5 or QL5) from Cobra. However for the smaller acts - including most of the support performances – Wallace does the Front of House and monitor mixes on a Yamaha QL1.

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